§1 Service-providing entity

The service-providing entity is Burg Hills Limited, 590 Kingston Road, London, United Kingdom, SW20 8DN by number 11509352 is hereinafter referred to as 'KryptoPay'.

§2 Definitions

1. Crypto currency - a distributed accounting system, basing on cryptography, storing the information about available resources in contractually created units.
2. Terminal - a device owned by the client or by KryptoPay, allowing for the receipt of payments by the client of the service.
3. Service - website: "kryptopay.pl" allowing for the receipt of payments by the client of the service.
4. Bitcoin wallet - address at which the Client may, via KryptoPay, transfer his resources in BTC (translation - §2 sec. 9). It is owned by KryptoPay which may process the address in any way.
5. Service account - individual account in the service that might be accessed and viewed only by the Client and by Kryptopay.
6. Verified account - an account which allows the Client to withdraw any potential resources from the service.
7. Non-verified account - an account which does not allow the Client to withdraw any potential resources from the service.
8. PLN - Polish złoty
9. BTC - a contractually created unit in a distributed accounting system, based on cryptography
10. Registration - procedure of creating a new account in the service 11. Act on Personal Data Protection - an Act of 29 August 1997 on Personal Data Protection (consolidated text: Journal of Laws of 2002 No 101, item 926 as amended)
12. Act on Providing Services - Act of 18 July 2002 on Providing Services by Electronic Means Journal of Laws of 2013, No. 1422 as amended)

§3 Terms and conditions of using the service

1. The Service allows for the mediation in the receipt of Krypto currency by the Client in the form of payment for his services. However, the currency received by the client of the service is Polish złoty. The User concludes an agreement with the service owner as to the realisation of services described in these terms and conditions of use, in the moment of registering an account in the service, i.e. in the moment of filling in a form "kryptopay.pl".
2. The exchange rate according to which the Client receives PLN is arbitrarily determined by the service, and the client is informed about the fact.
3. Registration - a process that consists of filling in a form on a website: "kryptopay.pl/rejestracja.php" and accepting a confirmation e-mail.
4. Each client is entitled to a maximum of one account in the service.
5. Until the account has the status of "Non-verified account", the client may not withdraw the resources. In order for the status to be changed to "Verified Account", the Client must be subject to a process of verification described in the section below.
6. The verification of the account consists of transferring an amount of 1,00 PLN at the bank account no. 10 1020 5011 0000 9802 0281 0786, with the transfer title: "Confirmation" and account name. E.g. "Confirmation-user" . In order for the verification to be completed successfully, the personal data in "settings" must correspond to the data of the sender of the bank transfer.
7. The user of the service is obliged to provide real personal data. In the event of any potential change in personal data, the user is obliged to change that data in the service immediately.
8. The service is entitled to block the resources on the account temporarily if it suspects that a crime was committed or if it suspects that these terms and conditions were breached.
9. Being an intermediary in payment takes place at the moment of generating a QRT code on the sub-page: "kryptopay.pl/terminal/" when a Bitcoin Wallet is generated (explanation: §2 sec. 4).From this moment onwards, the Client has exactly 2 minutes in order to make a credit transfer, in case of a successful transaction PLN resources will be credited at the client's account.
10. The Kryptopay service allows for withdrawing resources in PLN in the amount bigger than 10 PLN, less the costs of withdrawing the resources, set forth in the price list (mentioned in §4).
11. The Owner of the Service shall take any reasonable steps in order to secure the resources at the client's account against any access by a third party or against any loss.
12. The owner of the service shall not be liable for any loss of client's resources in case of any external factors independent of the owner of the service, in particular in case of any force majeure, equipment failures, any detected mistakes in the system of Krypto currency, acts or omissions by third parties having any impact on the functioning of the service.
13. The User shall be obliged to protect his or her passwords enabling access to the user's service account, as well as any devices authorising the access to the account. In the case of detecting any inconsistencies, the User shall inform KryptoPay about the fact immediately.
14. The User shall be obliged to use the service in good faith. In case of detecting any errors in the software, the User is obliged o notify KryptoPay about the fact and to refrain from using the error to Kryptopay's detriment or to the detriment of other Users.
15. The User and the service undertake to keep secret the confidential information obtained in the process of rendering services by KryptoPay.
16. KryptoPay shall charge fees for using its services in accordance with the current price list. The Users shall be notified of any change in the price list via e-mail. Any change in the price list shall not constitute a change in these terms and conditions of use.
17. The User shall be obliged to repair or cover the costs of repair of the losses incurred as the result of the User's acting to service's detriment or to the detriment of any third parties. The user shall therefore indemnify and hold Kryptopay harmless against any liability for covering the losses incurred in such way and for covering any costs incurred by the service in connection with said losses.
18. The Service shall also reserve the copyright to the graphic design, mechanisms and all content of the service (pursuant to the Act on Copyright and Related Rights).
19. Both the owner of the service and the user may terminate these terms and conditions of use with a 14-day notice period; however, in case of the user, the client must be subject to personal data verification.
20. Kryptopay, in order to adjust the content of the service, shall also collect information about its users by means of cookie files.

§4 Price list and final provisions:

1. The price list is available at: "kryptopay.pl/pricing"
2. Any disputes arising in connection with using the service shall be settled in accordance with British law.

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