Why should I accept Bitcoin

Internationally without commission

International bank transfers cost very much, thanks to the infrastructure Bitcoin minimize them almost to zero

You save your money

Credit card company take about 2-3% fee for each transaction. Our system does not charge commissions on transfers, you get as much as you should.

No risk of chargeback

Bitcoin transactions are irreversible so you are not vulnerable to fraudulent activity of customers


Properly executed transfers give the user the anonymity of payments.

How accept Bitcoin with us

Register account

Make account and accept it via emai. Then log in into terminal.

Select a way to integrate

Choose the whether you will use the ready-made modules or individual need integration with your site.

Generate transactions

After the integration of your customers will be able to pay for the order using Bitcoin.

Withdraw local currency

Withdraw your local currency from your kryptopay account to your bank account.

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